Minimum wage for 2019!

Minimum wage amount for 2019 is announced. Minimum Wage Determination Commission has come to decision at its 4th Meeting. The wage is increased 26,05%, adding TRY 417. The new amount is TRY 2.020.

Minimum Wage is announced!

4th Meeting of Minimum Wage Determination Commission has ended. Minister Zehra Zümrü Selçuk made a press release, following the meeting. She announced that the minimum wage is increased to two thousand 20 Turkish Liras. The net minimum wage was a thousand and 603 Turkish Liras last year.

Can we take the VAT back when we send the goods back?

Some goods came from abroad without charge and they were exhibited at our fair by being nationalized. I took the goods in our stocks. 1-Export Advance – 159 Income from Costless Goods - 679 2- Export Declaration - 153 Taking Export Advance in stocks - 159 The goods were sent back to the foreign company as they were not sold. We made ex..

Is it possible to add the funds as Equity Funds to the Capital?

We want to increase the capital from internal equities. However, the total amount of equities of the Limited Company (active – debts) is TRY 999.749,29. Internal equities ( favorable varience of capital + excess reserves) are TRY 1.089,239,09. Can we add the internal equities to the capital? (21.12.2018) It is legal to increase the capita..

How to calculate the rate of late interest on invoices?

How to calculate the rate of late interest on invoices? Is there a specific rate? Such as 2% or 5%? (19.12.2018 ) Late interest is calculated in proportion to the rate that is specified by the buyer and seller. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________..

Can we declare the sales tax base of transit trade on VAT declaration?

For transit trade; 1-We do not include the transit trade on the VAT declaration. But do we include it in the cumulative amount? 2-We do not make a discount on VAT on the expenses. How should we write that off, on Account 760 or 153? 3-In Big Sales Big Purchase Form, should we write: BP Tax ID: 5555555555 and BS Taxpayer ID No: 6666666666? (24.1..